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Metalloids or Semimetals Definition, List, Properties

Between the metals and nonmetals is a group of elements known as either the semimetals or the metalloids, which are elements that have properties intermediate between those of the metals and nonmetals. Most metalloids have a shiny, metallic appearance but are brittle, unexceptional electrical conductors and display nonmetallic chemical properties. Metalloids have semiconductor properties and form amphoteric oxides. Location on the Periodic Table The metalloids or semimetals are located along the line between the  metals  and  nonmetals  in the  periodic table.  Because these elements have intermediate properties, its sort of a judgment call as to whether a particular element is a metalloid or should be assigned to one of the other groups. Youll find metalloids are classified differently in different classification systems, depending on the scientist or author. There is no single right way to divide the elements. List of Elements That Are Metalloids The metalloids are generally considered to be: BoronSiliconGermaniumArsenicAntimonyTelluriumPolonium (usually recognized, sometimes considered a metal)Astatine (sometimes recognized, otherwise seen as a halogen) Element 117, tennessine, has not been produced in sufficient amounts to verify its properties but is predicted to be a metalloid. Some scientists consider neighboring elements on the periodic table to either be metalloids or to have metalloid characteristics. An example is carbon, which may be considered either a nonmetal or a metalloid, depending on its allotrope. The diamond form of carbon looks and behaves as a nonmetal, while the graphite allotrope has a metallic luster and acts as an electrical semiconductor and so is a metalloid. Phosphorus and oxygen are other elements that have both nonmetallic and metalloid allotropes. Selenium is considered to be a metalloid in environmental chemistry. Other elements that may behave as metalloids under certain conditions are hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, tin, bismuth, zinc, gallium, iodine, lead, and radon. Properties of the Semimetals or Metalloids The electronegativities and ionization energies of the metalloids are between those of the metals and nonmetals, so the metalloids exhibit characteristics of both classes. Silicon, for example, possesses a metallic luster, yet it is an inefficient conductor and is brittle. The reactivity of the metalloids depends on the element with which they are reacting. For example, boron acts as a nonmetal when reacting with sodium yet as a metal when reacting with fluorine. The boiling points, melting points, and densities of the metalloids vary widely. The intermediate conductivity of metalloids means they tend to make good semiconductors. Commonalities Between Metalloids Here is a list of the properties common among metalloids: Electronegativities between those of metals and nonmetalsIonization energies between those of metals and nonmetalsPossession of some characteristics of metals, some of nonmetalsReactivity depending on the properties of the other elements in the reactionOften good semiconductorsOften having a metallic luster, although they may have allotropes that appear nonmetallicUsually behaving as nonmetals in chemical reactionsAbility to form alloys with metalsUsually brittleUsually solids under ordinary conditions Metalloid Facts A few interesting facts about several metalloids: The most abundant metalloid in Earths crust is silicon, which is the second most abundant element overall (oxygen is most abundant).The least abundant natural metalloid is tellurium.Metalloids are valuable in the electronics industry. Silicon, for example, is used to make the chips found in phones and computers.Arsenic and polonium are highly toxic metalloids.Antimony and tellurium are used primarily in metal alloys to add desirable properties.

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Black Lives Matter A Movement Toward Systematic Equality

Black Lives Matter: A Movement Toward Systematic Equality Gomonnie Olegba Fortis College, Phoenix March 20, 2016 Introduction America is plagued by racial tension, a plight that this country is not unfamiliar with. Headlines of racial fueled riots and crimes flood news feeds from every journal, news paper, and blog. America as a whole has made monumental strides in equality since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but systematically, African Americans are still experiencing injustice by the government and racism is still alive, it’s just underground. After a bounty of the unjustified murder of unarmed African American men, the Black Lives Matter Movement was created. A Malcom X quote that resonates in the†¦show more content†¦Some people contend that Black Lives Matter protestors and activists are wild thugs who are trying to intimidate and force their agenda on white people and as Daniel Greenfield put it,† tactics include harassing white people by invading â€Å"white spaces† and intimidating people tying to eat lunch. This is a racist attack to make whites leave the table.† S ome Caucasian people, as well as others try to justify their dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement by claiming that it is a racist, anti-civil rights movement. On one hand, if white people mobbed the streets screaming racial slurs, then it would be labeled immediately as utter racism, and swiftly punished. On the other hand, since black people are mobbing the streets, screaming racial slurs, it is considered beautiful and â€Å"praised as a civil rights movement.† Greenfield also adds, â€Å"Racism is not civil rights. No group that talks about white supremacy or white privilege is a civil rights movement. Black racism hides behind alleged victimhood and the racist term â€Å"white privilege† is classic racism.† The Black Lives Matter movement came into effect because of the historic oppression experienced by African Americans, the police brutality, along with the innocent victims that were murdered by their hands and the refusal of white America to recog nize the injustice that African Americans as a whole sustain. History of Black Oppression and the

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Issues with Social Development in Adults Free Essays

In my research on issues of social development in adults, I found change and consistency in social participation plays a key role in early adulthood. I felt the need to choose and touch on this topic because I have the tendency to be a social butterfly and I also lost a dear friend that committed suicide from social isolation. I chose this article because after reading it I felt as if the information was solid and backed up with surveys and facts. We will write a custom essay sample on Issues with Social Development in Adults or any similar topic only for you Order Now I also felt as if the topic was thoroughly examined and the article gave a lot of helpful information about this particular issue with social development in adults. Social interactions and activities play a key role in the physical health and well being in adulthood. It is healthy and fun to be around friends, loved ones, and even relationship partners. Making plans, going out, and being social gives one the since of self worth. Further more, the lack of desire and absence of social contact and participation can cause one, such as in the incident of my friend, to become depressed, self-isolated, and have suicidal thoughts and/or even commit suicide. In the event that I would need to write a research paper on this topic, I would use this article. I would use the article because it has a lot of information about the topic and has many different details and survey information. This would all help my research and provide me with information to include in my paper. The authors, Harry Reis and Yi-Cheng Lin, research was to determine if age-related changes in social relationships and to see if interaction patterns would stay the same from college years to adult- hood. They researched a variety of different things like opposite-sex socializing, intimacy and satisfaction in adulthood, and implications for social development during early adulthood. How to cite Issues with Social Development in Adults, Papers

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Persuasive Piece A White Paper

Introduction A white paper is an authoritative report or a persuasive piece that is written by government by interest groups and government agencies to influence government policies and legislature. White papers are usually formulated to address specific issues or problems that exist in government policies or laws. White papers are formulated to educate the general public and interested groups on problems that exist within a government’s policies and how these papers can be used to help these people make important decisions.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Persuasive Piece: A White Paper specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More White papers are usually used in policymaking, political decisions and in the corporate world where policy makers involve the use of academic institutions to write white papers that will address policy developments. The Commonwealth of Nations defines a white paper as an informal parliament ary paper that is used to address government policies and issues/problems that might arise due to the implementation of these policies. White papers are usually issued by the government and they lay out policies and action plans that will be used to address certain issues as well as propose suitable alternatives to the problem. They are developed to signify a clear intention on the part of the government entities and interest groups that want an amendment to government policies. Examples of white papers that have been written in the past include Winston Churchill’s White Paper of 1922 that was meant to plan a national home for Jews in Palestine, the 1969 white paper that was meant to abolish the Indian Act in Canada, and the White paper of 1966 that led to the development of emergency medical services by the United States National Research Council. The white paper that will be developed for this essay will address a national issue that threatens to affect the livelihoods of c itizens in America which is an increase in taxation. The government white paper will address the issue of increasing taxation what alternatives can be used to address the budget deficits being experienced by the American government (Congress, 2010). Definition of the Problem The recent global financial crisis as well as the war on Iraq had a negative impact on the economy of the US. The stock market faced a serious decline as mortgage lenders and banks faced foreclosure as a result of increased consumer and government spending.Advertising Looking for essay on law? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This forced the US government to develop a plan that would be used to deal with the financial situation, a plan that involved increasing taxes to deal with job losses and job cuts as well as increase middle class tax relief to middle income earners. This tax increase proposed by the Obama administration would see taxes increasing by $9 70 billion on Americans who earned more than $200,000. People who earned less than $200,000 would face new tax cuts that would amount to $143.4 billion in one year. The tax propositions were also meant to eliminate any preferences for oil and gas companies as well as life insurance products (Graetz, 2007). Businesses under the new tax proposition would face a net taxation increase despite a gross tax reduction of $93.5 billion. The tax proposition however faced some criticism with the Senator for Iowa, Charles Grassley commenting that the tax cuts and tax relief proposed by the Obama administration would target people who did not have to pay any taxes at all, meaning that tax relief would be directed to limited groups of people in the American population. Senator Grassley noted that the tax increases would have a minimal or no effect at all on the tax relief that was proposed by the Obama administration. Many American citizens viewed the increase in taxes to be an unwarranted move b y the Obama government given that the country was still recovering from the 2009 financial crisis and many Americans were still jobless as a result of being laid off (Donmoyer, 2010). The tax proposal by the Obama government was therefore faced a lot of criticism from both government entities, American citizens and other interest groups in the United States. The administration proposed $3.8 million spending plan that would be used in implementing the tax proposals that would prevent US companies from shifting their off shore profits. Many US corporations such as Redmond, Microsoft, Caterpillar and General Electric Company viewed the tax changes to be an impediment to their ability to compete with foreign companies (Sloan, 2010).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Persuasive Piece: A White Paper specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Proposed Solutions to the Problem The United States Senate Finance Committee decided to a ct on the Obama administration’s tax proposal by pledging to act quickly on tax legislation that would stimulate hiring. The Senate Finance committee Chairman, Max Baucus, together with Charles Rangel who is a New York Democrat, pledged to act quickly on the tax legislation to ensure that there were tax reforms within the country. The new taxation laws would see American businesses in the global market being more competitive and viable for investments by other countries. The new tax laws would also see individuals earning more than $200,000 facing a tax increase of 39.6 % up from 36 %. The capital gains and dividend rates for people who earned more than $250,000 would face an increase of 20 %. The tax proposal in general would take from the rich and give to the poor within the American population (Donmoyer, 2010). Other alternatives to the increased tax proposal that were proposed by Republicans to boost the economy and stimulate job growth within the United States include th e alternative stimulus proposal. The cost of the Republicans alternative stimulus plan was estimated to cost $478 billion US dollars which was a considerable amount when compared to the Obama administration’s tax proposal that was going to cost $1 trillion dollars to implement. Under the alternative stimulus plan, the Republicans proposed that the income tax rates be reduced from 15% to 10 % and from 10% to 5 %. The plan also proposed for tax extensions for the middle-income families that had higher taxes. The alternative stimulus plan also proposed a tax deduction for small businesses of 20 percent that had an employee base of less than 500 workers as well as a tax deduction for employees who did not receive any tax preferred health care insurance (Pelofsky, 2009). Policy Proposal An alternative to the tax proposal that has been tabled by the Obama Administration is a minimal taxation policy that will allow for the taxation of the investment interest that is necessary in com puting regular tax. The investment interest is an interest expense that is incurred by individuals or companies who purchase or make investments. An example of an investment interest is a margin loan that exists in a brokerage account. The interest expense that exists in the investment interest is subject to tax deduction based on the extent to which a taxpayer has an investable income. The alternative minimum tax alternative to the tax proposal will see regular tax deductions being calculated differently (Armey, 2010).Advertising Looking for essay on law? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The alternative to the proposed tax reforms ensures that taxation on American citizens, earnings is conducted in a fair and simplistic manner. The current tax codes and policies that exist on taxation in the US are complex and unfair in nature and they have generally failed to meet the priorities of the country. The alternative minimum tax alternative ensures that there will be a reduction in massive deficits that have arisen in the past thereby strengthening the middle class while at the same time ensuring that every American citizen at every income levels was able to survive on their earnings, The alternative will also ensure that the American Multinational corporations do not loose out their business to foreign international companies (Armey, 2010). Limitations and Support for the Tax Alternative Policy The alternative tax policy however faces some limitations in that it does not cater for shared prosperity and the rewarding of hard work. The taxable incomes under the alternative minimum tax policy do not cater for the taxation of all income levels but the taxation of specific income groups that earn more than $ 275,000 in one year. This policy will therefore benefit the middle and the lower income earners ignoring the taxation needs of the rich and well to do members of the society. The Center for American Progress addresses the political and economic reality of taxing every individual based on the income levels by proposing an alternative to the tax policy and proposal that would see American citizens being taxed based on a rate schedule (American Progress, 2005). The alternative taxation policy is however a more superior alternative to the Obama administration’s taxation proposal as it will involve a minimal budget to implement the reforms within the taxation system. The plan will ensure that American multinational businesses do not loose out their business to foreign-based companies from other countries by ensuring that their investment expenses have been deducted according to their earnings. The alternative policy ensures that multinational taxation changes will have a direct impact on job growth in the United States as well as economic growth. The institutions that can be used to support the alternative taxation proposal would include the US Senate, Multinational Corporations affected by the Obama administration’s tax proposal, the Public Revenue Authority and the Government accountability office in the United States (Wolverson, 2010). Conclusion This essay has dealt with the white paper issue of increased taxation on the American citizen’s income as well as a taxation of multinational corporations. The proposed tax proposal by the Obama administration presents many problems in that it does not improve job growth within the country and it does not address investment expenses that would be beneficial in improving the economy of the country. The alternative tax minimum proposal bridges the gap that exists betw een the proposed taxation policy and job growth within the United States as well as ensuring that US multinational companies do not lose their business to foreign owned companies. The alternative tax proposal will cost less to implement by the government and it will ensure that the economy of the US has been stimulated for positive growth. References American Progress (2005). A fair and simple tax system for our future.  Center for American Progress. Web. Armey, D. (2010,). Rangel’s alternative minimum tax proposal. America Unbound. Web. Congress (2010). Congressional record, volumes 109-122. New York: Government Printing Office Donmoyer, R. J. (2010). Obama budget seeks $1.9 trillion tax rise on richest. Bloomberg. Web. Graetz, M. (2007). Tax reform unraveling. Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol.21, No.1, pp 69-90 Pelofsky, J. (2009). US house Republican alternative stimulus proposal. Reuters. Web. Sloan, S. (2010). House Democrats eye changes on tax deal. Congress orga nization. Web. Wolverson, R. (2010). US multinationals and tax reform. Council on Foreign Relations. Web. This essay on Persuasive Piece: A White Paper was written and submitted by user Kane Leblanc to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Is International Trade a Zero Sum Game

Is International Trade a Zero Sum Game Introduction International trade has of recent increased rampantly due to free flow of information across the borders majorly enhanced by good communication. With the rapid development of technology, many businesses have been endowed with the power to interact with overseas producers and consumers of different type of goods and services.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Is International Trade a Zero Sum Game? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Benefits of international trade International trade has a number of benefits. First, many countries get the chance to acquire what they do not produce and sell what they have in surplus. Some countries also get the opportunity to buy products at cheap prices as compared to the cost of manufacturing the goods domestically (Bhagwati, 2004). This trade has majorly been supported by relaxations of some tight policies imposed by most countries. The late inclination in the strength of c ommunication through tools such as email address among others ensures business partners get in touch with each other in time. Delays caused by letters as for the ancient period is a history and no longer hold any logic. International trade also gains some benefits through its extension to the financial market (Fingerand Schuknecht, 1999). Financial market involves buying and selling of foreign currencies due to several reasons such as anticipation of the future rise in the value of the currency. The market also comprises investment in foreign market securities such as bonds and shares. A deep insight in the international trade reveals that some members have benefitted while others get hurt. Often, research reveals that developing nations have able to gain in terms of technology. The discrepancy that exists between developing nations and developed nations is quite wide and only international trade that can act as solution. Most of the technologies applied in the industrial sector by developing nations are acquired from developed nations (Bhagwati, 2004). These technologies are fundamental in production efficiency. This efficiency is what leads to high quality products. Technology has also helped to solve the time issue during production processes. With the launching of computers in developing nations, supervision and management of many businesses have been made easier.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the other hand, developed nations are able to outsource cheap labor from developing nations. They additionally get the chance to dispose their surplus products. This has further enhanced their production capacity in their countries. Foreigners are also availed with the chance to invest in other countries economy. This has seen several multinational companies increase their level of profits. Disadvantages of international trade Recent confirmat ions have pointed out a number of setbacks concerning the international trade. Both developed and developing nations accused bodies that control international trade including World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organizations for the exploitation by some countries. This has led to several debates of whether a nation gains or losses after participating in the international trade. Some countries such as the U.S.A. perceive international trade as weighing more on the negative than on the positive side. As much as it was able to sell its industrial goods to most countries, recently, many countries especially from Europe began to import cheap products from Asian countries such as Japan and China. With the help of cheap labor and latest technology, these Asian countries are able to produce cheaply. As a result, they give stiff competition to their U.S.A. counterparts. This consequently leads to the reduction of the U.S.A. exports to other nations. Noticeably, this autom atically reduces the U.S.A gross national income. On the contrary, the imports from other nations seem to be rapidly increasing. The strength of the U.S.A. dollar favors importation of goods and services especially from developing countries; but on the other hand, importation seems to be superseding exportation levels. Logically, the country would be making less money from exportation to enable easy of exports purchasing. Many will term it as â€Å"many goods chasing few dollars†. In short, there is no balance on the ongoing economical activities. Commonly, this is referred to as imbalance of trade. Such country might fail to meet its national budget outlay or forced to borrow loans from the international bodies such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This means the country will be operating in deficits. Restriction rules by the GATT and WTO What happens when the world is in the face of financial crisis? Will a nation gain or lose if it restricts itself to the rul es outlined in the World Trade Organization? This has been a major challenge for about 153 partners of the multilateral trade system across the world. Free trade advocates free trade across the member countries.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Is International Trade a Zero Sum Game? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The member countries should operate within the limits of import duty taxes and tariffs levels laid down by the international bodies. However, do they keep to these promises? Anyway, most countries seem to deviate from these regulations. They resolve to protect their economy and this include their markets and industries thereon. In the case of financial crisis that took place in 30s, 70s and early 80s a country resolving to protection measures was not an issue to be addressed at international level unlike today. This was because international trade was not as free as it is today. Today, other members are k een to watch other countries actions during such economical hard times. International trade and economic crisis International trade has been the greatest contributing factor to the economic crisis that we recently experienced in the beginning of the year 2007. In the approach of this crisis, several companies that had some foreign subsidiaries went under. Enron and WorldCom had open business units in other countries such as the Power Plant in India. Indeed, operations of these subsidiaries are always dependent on politics that sometimes turns out to favor foreign companies (Fingerand Schuknecht, 1999). The fall of these huge companies, have impacts on other nations considering that their subsidiaries will fail to operate. This means losses of jobs and shares. For instance, the collapse of Lehman Brothers Incorporation had subsequent effect to whole the U.S.A. economy and the world in general. Other companies that had investment with Lehman were due to go under. It was only in the s upport of government in which congress passed a bailout package of 750 billion dollars that saw the economy stabilize to some extent. Otherwise, ripples of the economic crisis could have been stronger. Nevertheless, this was the strongest crisis ever since. The international trade volume contracted across all nations as most firms failed to operate. Protectionism measures The consequence of economic crisis is severe to individual countries. This is the time when economy is operating below the normal economic growth level. A country is faced with low GDP. This means the nation is under-producing given the economical resources available (Sachs Warner, 1995). A number of factors lead to this: first, the inflation rates are high and so the prices of commodities are somewhat high.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, industries are not able to produce many products to the consumers. Given that production costs are high and consumers’ income is constant, consumers will tend to buy less especially the so-called luxurious goods. As matter of fact, consumers are unable to save due to high cost of living. This forces financial institutions to lend at high interest rates and as a consequent, this pulls down the level of investments in the economy leading to the dragging of economical performance. In the midst of such problem, governments always seek new measures to intervene in the economy for its recovery. This may force the government to raise taxes for imports into the country with an aim of protecting domestic industries from the stiff competition of foreign companies. Raising taxes would make imports more expensive as compared to domestic products and therefore consumers will shy away from the foreign products. A country may sometimes put anti-dumping policies which will discour age import of cheap products from other economies. For instance, India had banned Chinese toys into its country for some period. Subsidies on the other hand, help industries to manufacture products at a lower operation cost than in the absent of subsidies such as loans. More so, the government will aim to apply labor-related measures to protect employment. The U.S.A. government was forced to reduce the stimulus taxes for the companies that had moved overseas with a view of maintaining jobs for its citizen. Some States will prefer to devalue their currency to encourage their export to other countries. Korean did it by allowing a depreciation of its currency by 19% against the USD. The Government might also come up with other measures such as quotas majorly on tariffs and export taxes among others. All these measures focus on protecting the economy from the harsh economic crisis. Protectionism measures and international trade agreements These measures of individuals’ economic p rotection are always against the agreement made at the international trade meetings (Sachs Warner, 1995). The G20 for instance had agreed on import taxes levels permissible for all the members. However, some member countries went against it in the year 2009 due to some negative implications resulting from such policies. As far as a country want to gain from the international trade, it also needs to protect its economy from the negative side of the international trade. Comparison of benefits and setbacks realized from participating in international trade The above discussions specifically points out advantages as well as disadvantages realized from participating in the international trade. This brings us to the topic of this piece of whether international trade is a zero sum game. Indeed, it is! This is because a country benefits on one side and loses on the other. A country gains in form of specialization. Any country would specialize in producing goods and services it can well. Thi s ensures it produces on large scale and therefore gains from the economies of scale such as low production costs. The nation is also assured of the market for its surplus. Nevertheless, this country is able to buy products it does not produce domestically from foreign countries at lower price than it would if locally manufactured. This advantage is mostly tagged as comparative advantage. Additionally, a nation is able to acquire imports from other countries at a low cost due to low taxes imposed by the foreign countries on the member states. It also avails a country with the variety of goods and services offered across the world (Bhagwati, 2004). Most importantly, developing nations are able to acquire technology from the industrialized countries. Conversely, international trade also suffers from a number of drawbacks. It is perceived to be unproductive especially during economic crisis. The free trade might harm ones economy. For instance, consider a country facing high production costs and at the same time, it is being dumped with cheap imports. Most probably its’ domestic industries would collapse because of the failure to keep up with tough competition emanating from foreign competitors. This would mean loss of jobs and the general contraction of the economic growth. Other disadvantages include loss of one’s culture through interaction of these nations during the trade. Conclusion Generally, international trade has both advantages and disadvantages that end up cancelling each other leading to almost zero benefit realization. Therefore, protectionism measures would not help, as other nations would take retaliatory measures. This might include high taxes on its exports among others. Moreover, having closed economy would be dangerous as country cannot be self sufficient in providing resources to its citizen. References Bhagwati, J. (2004). In Defense of globalization. New York, NY: Oxford University Press Fingerand, K. Schuknecht, L. (1999).Tr ade, finance and financial crisis, special studies 3. Geneva: World trade Organization Publisher. Sachs, J. Warner, A. (1995). Economic reforms and the process of global integration. Brooking Paper on Economic Activity, 2, 1-118.

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Chemical Energy - Glossary Definition

Chemical Energy - Glossary Definition Chemical energy is the energy contained in the internal structure of an atom or molecule. It is a measure of a substances capacity to transform into another substance via a chemical reaction. This energy could be in the electronic structure of a single atom or in the bonds between atoms in a molecule. Chemical energy is converted into other forms of energy by chemical reactions. Examples of substances that contain chemical energy include: WoodFoodGasolineBatteries Chemical energy is released or absorbed as chemical bonds are broken and reform. It is a misconception that a substance always releases more energy than it absorbs! Chemical energy is calculated as the difference between the energy of the products and reactants. This may be measured using a calorimeter or calculated based on the bond energies of the chemical bonds. Reference Schmidt-Rohr, K (2015). Why Combustions Are Always Exothermic, Yielding About 418 kJ per Mole of O2.  J. Chem. Educ.  92: 2094–2099.

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General Background for business plan Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

General Background for business plan - Thesis Example She considered the idea that construction litigation is in need of forensic experts in terms of mitigating claims for damages and other construction management services, and from there she founded CSI. The Owner & Management Team: Lily Iftner CSI is currently owned by Lily Iftner, a licensed civil engineer. She is also the brainchild of the business whose background includes a four-year experience in a construction site wherein she served as an insurance investigator. With motivation, she started her own business wherein she becomes one of the expert witnesses in terms of structure damages, and legal disputes in construction methods and materials. Because of the growing demand and changes in the industry, she needs to hire diverse construction professionals in order to deliver quality research, inspection, analysis, and report. The management team is composed of professionally licensed forensic engineers, particularly civil engineers with hands-on experience about scientific and prof essional structural issues. CSI Seattle Services CSI services are all about research, inspection, analysis, and report of construction and structural deficiencies in compliance with the standards and laws applicable. They serve in order to mitigate claims for damages in a quality and cost-effective way. ... CSI also presents sets of solutions so that clients can select the best possible solutions with corresponding evidences. They are also a â€Å"strong advocate of continuing education and community involvement, and maintain active participation in local construction industry organizations† particularly in Seattle (â€Å"Who We Are†). THE BUSINESS: Business Description According to Winkler and Chiumento â€Å"construction litigation can arise from any number of sources including delay claims, construction defects, professional liability allegations (errors and omissions), mechanics’ liens, personal injury, property damage, and insurance, subrogation, or professional bond claims† (179). Based on industry expert, construction litigation is growing and in demand considering that it now takes $5 billion USD in conflicts resolution and these costs are increasing 10% each year (Michel). This quantitative data is such an advantage for CSI considering that their cli ents would settle on larger amounts just for this dispute prevention and resolution. Definitely, the groundwork of this business is trust. The more the clients trust the business the better, for they will continue to seek the services the business offered. Value Proposition (s) Competition is always present in almost all business industries nowadays. And in order to survive, the business must develop value propositions which will create a strong gap between the company and the competitors. Value Proposition 1: CSI employed construction professionals who are highly equipped with experience and academic credentials - To have skillful employees suitable for the business, CSI developed specialized training and professional development which is